Chad Joseph Gaudet of Mount Stewart in jail for child pornography case

Jim Day
Published on February 20, 2016

P.E.I. Supreme Court Justice Nancy Key

Gets 10 months in jail for possession of digital videos of children age five to 17

A 34-year-old Mount Stewart man will spend 10 months in jail for possession of digital child pornography.

Chad Joseph Gaudet was also sentenced Friday to two years probation upon release.

In addition, his name will be added to the national sex offenders’ registry for 10 years.

P.E.I. Supreme Court Justice Nancy Key accepted the joint sentencing recommendation from the Crown and defence to incarcerate Gaudet for 10 months.

Although Gaudet has no prior criminal record, the judge did not find his pre-sentence report, which includes a history of mental health issues, promising.

She also told the man, who sat quietly in court wearing a hooded winter jacket, that he has failed to yet show a true sense of remorse for his crime.

Key noted that one of the videos viewed by Gaudet showed a girl, the same age as his own young daughter, engaged in a graphic sexual act.

Following the execution of a search warrant in January 2015, Gaudet was found to have viewed numerous pornographic videos over a six-month period. The videos included children ranging in age from five to 17.

“We are dealing with the very worst of crimes — the degradation of children,’’ Crown attorney Jeff MacDonald told the court.

“Every time a pornographic image is viewed,’’ Key said shortly before delivering sentence, “these children are made a victim again.’’

Key also ordered Gaudet to refrain from contacting any child under the age of 16 and to refrain from possessing any device capable of downloading images from the Internet.

After he is released from jail, Gaudet must also allow a peace officer to enter his home without notice to ensure he is not accessing child pornography.

Gaudet’s lawyer says his client shows considerable promise for rehabilitation.

He adds Gaudet has suffered the usual fallout for committing such an abhorrent crime, including the loss of his job.