How  Charlottetown's capital budget breaks down

Dave Stewart
Published on February 11, 2016

A new roundabout will make this busy Charlottetown intersection safer for motorists.

©Guardian photo

One of the more confusing intersections in Charlottetown is getting a roundabout this year.

City council unanimously passed its annual capital budget on Monday, $11.26 million that is earmarked for a number of projects in 2016.

The money includes significant upgrades to the intersection that takes in Belvedere Avenue, Brackley Point Road and St. Peters Road, commonly known as the "Vogue Optical" intersection.


The city has been purchasing the necessary land and doing design work the past few years, but if appears the bulldozers are set to move in this spring.

The city is also eyeing changes at the so-called Ken's Korner intersection, which takes in Weymouth Street, Longworth Avenue and Euston Street, but it isn't on the schedule for this year. Things are still in the preliminary stages now but consultants are expected to recommend how best to reconstruct that intersection.

There will be money in the capital budget for energy efficient updates in the parkades and municipal buildings, such as a system that regulates the heat in the public works garage on MacAleer Drive.

A fire station design is also on the list, although the city has yet to finalize where a centrally located station is going to be built.

Public works gets the usual bells and whistles. Money is there for pedestrian signals, traffic lights, new sidewalk installation and storm ditch infilling, as well as paving and patching streets.

More than $2 million is being set aside for fire and emergency preparedness. Some of the money will be used to buy generators to run municipal buildings that would be open for the public in the event of prolonged power failures. There's also some cash for radios to ensure all departments are on the same frequency.

Victoria Park is getting $70,000. Upgrades are needed to the clubhouse as well as to the area around the cannons.

Urban beautification is getting money as efforts continue to take down trees that have Dutch elm disease, as well as plant two trees for every one destroyed on public property.

Transit is getting money for new buses, but Charlottetown's contribution depends on Stratford, Cornwall and the province chipping in.

The city's wastewater treatment plant on Riverside Drive also needs to repair its digesters. As part of the treatment process, there are two tanks that are enclosed tanks. One is a primary unit and one is secondary, both critical components for process and treatment of sludge.

The tanks aren't being replaced as much as they are being rehabilitated to address aging components on them.


By the numbers

Capital budget highlights

- $11.26 million - total 2016 capital budget

- $690,500 - parks and recreation

- $70,000 - Victoria Park

- $62,500 - heritage squares

- $150,000 - advanced planning

- $2.4 million - fire and emergency preparedness (subject to partner funding)

- $1.5 million - transit (subject to partner funding)

- $410,000 - community sustainability

- $200,000 - urban beautification

- $11,780,000 - public works (subject to partner funding)

- $10.7 million - water and sewer (subject to federal/provincial money)