RCMP cracks down on P.E.I. drivers who claim they are late for work

Published on February 1, 2016

RCMP will be using roving patrols, check points and laser speed technology in an extra effort to stop drivers who are speeding, driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol or using handheld devices.

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Police set up morning traffic stops leading into Charlottetown, focusing on speeding, aggressive driving

The RCMP issued 30 tickets in a crackdown on speeding and aggressive driving last week in parts of P.E.I.

Enforcement efforts targeted routes leading into Charlottetown between 5:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. which led to seven written warnings.

FACTS: Breakdown of charges

RCMP Cpl. Chris Gunn said the force has been hearing from the public about problems during morning and afternoon commutes, including tailgating, passing while unsafe and speeding.

Increasing visibility of police vehicles is a way to combat that trend, he said.

"We're listening."

The RCMP said most drivers ticketed blamed being late for work or other appointments as their reason for speeding.

Others blamed getting cut off, tailgating and personal issues as reasons for aggressive driving.

In a separate initiative, the RCMP and provincial highway enforcement officers set up several checkpoints to catch people driving without wearing seatbelts and using their cellphone while driving.

There were nine tickets for not wearing seatbelts and two for driving while using a cellphone.

Charges laid:

- Speeding: 30

- Invalid safety inspections: 15

- Unregistered vehicles: 11

- Not wearing seatbelts: nine

- Having tinted windows: seven

- Driving without a licence/licence suspsended: five

- Using cellphone while driving: two