Vigil held in Charlottetown opposing Kinder Morgan pipeline

Ryan Ross
Published on November 21, 2016

Mary Cowper-Smith holds a protest sign during a vigil held at UPEI in Charlottetown on Nov. 21, 2016 to oppose the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline in western Canada.

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CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - UPEI student Hannah Gehrels knows what protests against pipeline expansion look like because she has seen them firsthand.

Those protests were on Burnaby Mountain in B.C. where Gehrels joined a march opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline.
“It brought me a lot of hope because there were a lot of people there showing up from the greater Vancouver area to protest and to make their voices heard in opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline,” she said
Gehrels was one of the speakers Monday night at UPEI where about 20 people attended a candlelight vigil opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

Because what we don’t resist will persist unchecked. Hannah Gehrels

By Dec. 19, the federal government will make a decision on whether or not to allow the pipeline expansion.
That would allow for more exports of oil from Alberta to B.C., leading those opposed to the plan to cite concerns about potential spills and increased tanker traffic.
Vigils, like the one in Charlottetown, were expected across the country Monday night in an attempt to convince the federal government to reject the proposal.
At the Charlottetown vigil, Gehrels told the small crowd resistance matters.
“Because what we don’t resist will persist unchecked,” she said.
Gehrels also said she thinks the way people resist matters because if people only tell stories of apocalyptic doom and destruction then resistance becomes draining.
Instead, that resistance can tell stories of resilience, Gehrels said.
“The resilience that I saw in the Burnaby Mountain Kinder Morgan resistance was astounding.”
Gary Torlone with the Sierra Club was another of the speakers at the vigil where he said there is only one planet and everybody needs to take care of it.
“I can’t understand why everybody’s not on the same page. That blows my mind every single day and has for way too long,” he said.