Saturday Night Hoedown brings back live show

Public pressure on CFCY sees station return to traditional format

Mitch MacDonald
Published on January 9, 2016
CFCY Saturday Night Hoedown

Islanders will be able to resume a nearly 60-year long tradition after CFCY announced it will return to live broadcasts of the Saturday Night Hoedown.

The announcement was made prior to Saturday’s broadcast of the radio show.

A special statement from a CFCY spokesperson said many members of the public had contacted the station during the past two weeks to voice displeasure over several changes to the iconic program.

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Those included getting rid of former host Georga Dawn Moase and switching from the traditionally live show to a pre-recorded format.

“Some (fans) were blunt, some were passionate, some thoughtful and articulate but they all had the same theme,” said the spokesperson. “To point out that we here at CFCY are the caretakers of the almost 60 year legacy of the unique Island tradition known as the Saturday Night Hoedown.

“Long story short, you spoke and we listened.”

VIDEO: Click to hear CFCY's statement on the return of the Saturday Night Hoedown's live broadcast

While Chris Pride has remained as the new host of the show, it appears the program will continue as a live broadcast taking requests and dedications.

It also restored the playing of Grandpa Jones’ Mountain Dew to kick off the show, another complaint that arose after the song, viewed by many as the program’s unofficial theme song, was notably absent the past two weeks.

“I think that calls for a toast. Let’s crack a jug and enjoy some mountain dew,” said the spokesperson.