Police seek P.E.I. man for theft of Powerade bottle five years ago

Published on January 31, 2016

Prince Edward Island provincial court

©Guardian photo

Warrant issued for Peter Nicholas Mackey after failing to complete alternative measures, a non-court process

A 26-year-old man who said he wanted to fight an almost six-year-old charge of stealing a bottle of Powerade had a warrant issued for his arrest last week.

Peter Nicholas Mackey was supposed to be in provincial court in Charlottetown to set a date for the trial he asked for after pleading not guilty 10 days earlier to the alleged theft.

Instead, provincial court Judge John Douglas issued a warrant Thursday morning after Mackey didn't show up.

Mackey is alleged to have stolen a bottle of Powerade from a grocery store in May 2010.

He had been going through alternative measures, which allows someone who pleaded guilty to avoid a criminal record if they follow certain measures.

Mackey moved out of province and didn't finish.

During his Jan. 18 court appearance, Mackey told the court he had $200 in his pocket on the day he was accused of the theft and wasn't stealing the Powerade.