Video allegedly shows P.E.I. shopkeeper swinging sword at customer

Jim Day
Published on January 30, 2016

Video poster listed as "unknownSamurai," a new member on British website

A video on a British website allegedly captures a P.E.I. shopkeeper swinging a samurai sword at a fleeing customer.

The video shows a person dressed in a grey hoodie wander into the shop. He then waits patiently to catch the attention of the man behind the counter before starting to chat with him.

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The conversation quickly gets heated, with the customer making angry gestures at the other man before rushing towards him.

The storekeeper then fumbles behind his desk and pulls out a samurai sword which he wields at the man.

LINK: British newspaper connects video to P.E.I.

The terrified man is then seen running out the shop with the sword-wielding shopkeeper on his heels.

The video was posted on, a UK-based video sharing website that lets users post and share videos.

The video had more than 54,000 views as of Friday.

The video poster is listed on the site as "unknownSamurai" and as a new member of LiveLeak.

After The Guardian sent the video to the RCMP, Summerside Police and Charlottetown Police, all reported to be unaware of the incident.

"I had our staff examine the video and it doesn't appear to be a business in Summerside,'' says Summerside Police Chief Sinclair Walker.

"Don't recognize either individual.''

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