Newspaper-stealing fox not isolated case

Three-legged animal takes Guardian from disability group

Nigel Armstrong
Published on January 29, 2016

Still image captured by security cameras at Stratford Elementary School of a fox suspected of stealing Guardian newspapers. For video of the culprit in action, click on the link in the story.

In another fox-stealing-newspaper story, this time with a twist, the P.E.I. Council of People with Disabilities had its papers taken last week by a fox with just three legs.

“For him to be disabled and for him to be stealing our newspapers, we can see the irony in that,” said Marsha Carroll, executive director of the council.

It happened just once, she said. The council office didn’t get its usual two newspapers, but after being assured by The Guardian that the papers were indeed delivered, council staff got to thinking what could have happened.

That same day the story broke of a fox appearing on a security camera taking newspapers delivered to Stratford Elementary School, so a council staff member went outside to investigate.

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“She went around the back of the building and she found one of the newspapers, all torn up and shredded,” said Carroll. “You could see his little teeth marks in it.”

The council office is located in a retail mall next to the APM headquarters building on the Lower Malpeque Road.

“We have watched (the fox) around here for years,” said Carroll.

“We always thought it was funny that he lived around here because he was three-legged and this is where our office is.

“We always keep an eye out for him because he’s vulnerable,” said Carroll.

“Whenever anybody sees him, we tell each other so we are always glad he is still around and still alive.”

The Guardian’s circulation department gets reports of foxes taking newspapers a few times every year, says staff member Ann Wonnacott.

“We have had calls from people who have actually sat at their windows and saw foxes coming along and taking their papers,” she said.

“I believe the foxes are using them to put in their den,” said Wonnacott with a laugh. “Daddy has to have something to read while mommy is having the babies.”

Foxes don’t just take newspapers, said Wonnacott.

“We also get calls from people saying they see foxes peeing on their newspapers or flyers. I don’t know if people tick them off or what.”

The same goes for skunks as customers report seeing them peeing on papers, too, said Wonnacott.

Customers with such wildlife problems get either a fresh paper delivered right away or get a credit for a paper on their account, she said.