Vice-principal needs to go say parents

Jim Day
Published on January 26, 2016

This photograph shows the inrterior of Stonepark Intermediate Schjool.

Some parents are calling for a Charlottetown vice-principal to be booted out of school after the man pleaded guilty to harassment charges.

“I can’t imagine any parent wanting him to remain in the education system here,’’ says a mother of two students attending Stonepark Intermediate school.

The woman says her daughter was “outraged’’ to learn of vice-principal Gregory Campbell’s criminal conduct.

Campbell, 55, pleaded guilty in provincial court last week to two counts of criminal harassment.

His victim testified in court last Wednesday that after ending her relationship with Campbell, the educator embarked on an obsessive campaign to communicate with her and rekindle the relationship.

Little more than two hours into the first day of the trial, Campbell pleaded guilty to one criminal harassment charge that deals with repeatedly communicating with the victim.

When the second day of the trial resumed Friday, Campbell pleaded guilty to a second criminal harassment charge that dealt with repeatedly following the victim.

The Crown stayed a breach of undertaking charge.

Provincial court Judge John Douglas ordered a pre-sentence report be prepared for a sentencing hearing on March 8.

Parents of students attending Stonepark Intermediate want the school and/or school board to deal with Campbell now.

One mother expects the vice-principal to be removed from the school, but she is not sure of the process involved.

“It concerns me but I’m sure they’re taking care of it,’’ she said.

“My own personal feeling,’’ added a woman as she waited outside Stonepark Intermediate to pick up two grandchildren, “is no, he should not be teaching at the present time.’’

One father of two children attending the school, however, said he would be comfortable with Campbell carrying on in his current capacity at the school, which (at least in the past) included teaching a healthy relationship program.

While some parents said they believe Campbell is on leave, The Guardian has been unable to learn his official status with the school.

Superintendent of Education for the English Language School Board Cynthia Fleet said since it’s a personnel matter, she is not able to provide comment.

Stonepark Intermediate principal Norman Beck also declined comment.

Campbell’s home number has been disconnected. He was either not home or refused to answer the buzzer when The Guardian visited his apartment Monday afternoon looking to ask some questions.