Man's teeth knocked out

Published on January 26, 2016
Man's teeth knocked out

A scuffle over a snowboard that left one man missing four teeth wound up in provincial court before Chief Judge Nancy Orr.

Jeffrey Allan Gosbee was charged with assault following an incident that occurred last Nov. 19.

Gosbee discovered a snowboard he thought was his at the residence of another man and entered the residence to reclaim it. A fracas ensued in which the other man was knocked to the floor.

Court was told the injured man’s girlfriend yelled at Gosbee as he was leaving and he turned around and head-butted the man, smashing out four front teeth which will require extensive dental repair.

A pre-sentence report was requested, and the case was adjourned for sentence on Feb. 25. Orr advised Gosbee that restitution for the dental surgery will certainly be levied.