City vice-principal made life "living hell" for ex-girlfriend

Jim Day
Published on January 22, 2016

City vice-principal made life "living hell" for ex-girlfriend

A Charlottetown vice-principal has made his ex-girlfriend’s life a “living hell’’ since the couple broke up, a court was told this week.

Pam Reeves, 48, fought for composure several times while giving testimony in provincial court in a criminal harassment trial.

She detailed a barrage of unsettling communications from and encounters with her former boyfriend, 50-year-old Gregory Campbell.

Reeves, who is a registered dental assistant, has known Campbell since high school.

The pair began in 2013 what would prove to be an on-again, off-again relationship that included the couple living together for four months.

Reeves testified she ended the relationship in June 2015 with no desire for possible reconciliation.

Campbell, a vice-principal at Stonepark Intermediate school who also does part-time surveillance work, clearly was not ready to move on, according to Reeves.

Campbell fired off texts to Reeves daily, sometimes as many as 40 in a day, imploring the woman to see him, Reeves testified.

He told Reeves they had a good thing, he wanted to marry her and she was being immature. He even noted that he teaches a healthy relationship course to junior high students.

Reeves says the accused drove by her apartment “morning, noon and night.’’

He would get into her secure apartment building and knock on her door asking to be let in. She never let him enter her apartment.

Reeves said the accused had followed her in his car and popped up at a number of places she frequented.

Twice he appeared at her gym in Stratford around 5:30 a.m.

On one occasion, Campbell approached Reeves while she was sitting in her car. He hopped over her and sat in the passenger seat.

Reeves left the car, and Campbell followed her on foot.

The incident rattled Reeves.

“Scared, thinking he was never, ever going to stop this...very shaken,’’ she told the court.

“Things do escalate with Greg, and in the end he does get angry and upset.’’

When she threatened to call the police, Campbell made the threatening gesture of sliding his fingers over his throat to indicate what he would do to Reeves if he lost his job.

After Campbell followed Reeves to her new part-time job as a waitress in North Rustico, she finally reported the alleged ongoing harassment to police.

Police issued Campbell a no-contact order.

Reeves testified she saw Campbell outside her apartment the night after the undertaking was issued.

She later reported an unsettling encounter with Campbell at a Charlottetown restaurant in September. Campbell was arrested a few days later for breach of undertaking.

Reeves testified that Campbell started spreading information about her personal life and was telling people she was the crazy one.

She became extremely emotional on the stand as the trial was wrapping up for the day Wednesday. She noted she has been stressed for the past seven months, has lost weight and sought counselling.

“I’m constantly looking in my rearview mirror,’’ she said.

“My life has been a living hell — so it needs to end. I’m sitting in a courtroom because I ended a relationship with a 50-year-old who couldn’t deal with it.’’

Campbell, after consulting with his lawyer hours after the trial got underway, pleaded guilty to one criminal harassment charge that deals with repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly, the other person or anyone known to them.

Campbell is fighting a second criminal harassment charge that falls under the section that prohibits “besetting or watching the dwelling-house, or place where the other person, or anyone known to them, resides, works, carries on business or happens to be.’’

He is also fighting a breach of undertaking charge in the trial by judge only.

The Guardian has not been able to learn Campbell’s status at the school, but court was told he was on leave in November.

The principal had no comment, but Campbell remains listed on Stonepark Intermediate’s website as vice-principal under the list of staff.

The trial continues Friday morning.