Cockroaches are plaguing residents in city apartment building

Eden Street building invaded by the insects

Dave Stewart
Published on January 2, 2016

A Charlottetown pest control company says German cockroaches and bed bugs are the two most common infestations they deal with.

Rob Gallant, who owns Atlantic Graduate Pest Management, said the German cockroach poses a health risk, too.

"The German cockroach eats the same food you and I eat. They're coming out of the sewer pipe, drain pipe, walking all over your food so they contaminate your food,'' Gallant said.

"They are also a major contributor to asthma attacks. Big thing with them is they spread disease.''

He said it is a problem that occurs across the province.

"They're here and they're real. There was a time when P.E.I. thought it was exempt from them . . . but they're here and we deal with them on a regular basis now.''

He said the cockroach can grow as big as an inch and a half. Although it has wings, it doesn't tend to fly very well.

"German cockroaches multiply very, very quickly, they really do. They have an egg capsule (in which one can give birth to) 120 cockroaches.''

Gallant said only a professional should attempt to eradicate an infestation. The initial treatment involves knocking down the population.

"They are in your walls, in your plumbing, in your electrical. So we go in and do an initial knock down and then what we call a baiting program.''

The next process is educating people on what to do and not do to ensure the insects stay gone.

"There's no such thing as a good cockroach.''