Police charge snowmobiler with refusal

Published on January 18, 2016


A 40-year-old Alberry Plains man has been charged with refusal to provide a sample of his  breath for a roadside screening device  after being stopped by RCMP Friday on the Baldwin Road.

 A spokesman for the RCMP said the accused and another man were crossing Highway 5 on their snowmobiles when  they came to the attention of officers  manning a checkpoint.

 The driver in question   was read a demand to provide a breath sample into a roadside screening device. He failed to provide a sufficient breath sample and was arrested and transported to the Montague RCMP Office.

  The driver was fingerprinted, photographed and released to appear in court in February.

 The RCMP say driving a snowmobile while impaired can be just as dangerous as driving a car on the highway while impaired, if not more so.

 The penalties for impaired driving related convictions for snowmobile operators are the same as those for other motor vehicles, including large fines, lengthy license suspensions, and in most cases, periods of incarceration.

  The RCMP, in partnership with the investigations and enforcement branch of the Department of Justice and Public Safety, will be conducting enforcement to ensure safe snowmobiling over the winter months.

  If you are going to be operating a snowmobile, wear an approved helmet, do not drink alcohol, and drive responsibly, police say.