Health P.E.I. offers job to wrong applicant

Jim Day
Published on January 15, 2016

Health P.E.I.

Clerical error led to case of right name, wrong guy as two people with same name have job applications on file

A clerical error led to Health P.E.I. offering a job to the wrong person earlier this month.

The successful applicant had recently applied for a position while his namesake had filed an application a few years back for a completely unrelated job with this provincial health authority.

Both applicants of the same name, which The Guardian has chosen not to reveal, were in Health P.E.I.'s human resources system.

The wrong applicant was notified recently that he was in line for a job with one of the hospitals on P.E.I.

He immediately informed Health P.E.I. that he had not applied for the job, was not interested in the job and was not qualified for the job.

"It was a simple error,'' says Tanya Tynski, director of human resources with Health P.E.I.

"We don't take those things lightly.''

Tynski says an investigation has been completed into the slip-up, but she would not comment on what, if any, action was taken.

"We look at it from a quality improvement opportunity,'' she says.

Tynski says this is the first time she has encountered such an error in her 25 years of work with the province.

Asked what would have happened if the wrong applicant had not notified Health P.E.I. of the error, Tynski says the successful applicant for the job would have been contacted.