Look out for tractors on road, warns P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture

Published on September 19, 2015

A P.E.I. tractor

Urges safety during harvest time, asking Island motorists to be cautious around farm equipment

With the fall harvest in full swing, seeing farm equipment on Island roadways will be a common sight over the next few months.

The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture is reminding Islanders to keep safety in mind when sharing the road.

Charlotte Crooks, farm safety co-ordinator with the federation, advises motorists to practise caution when passing equipment on roadways.

“Motorists should avoid passing over blind hills and in non-passing zones,” she said. “We encourage motorists to be patient and wait for equipment to safely pull over to allow traffic to pass.”

Crooks encourages producers to ensure all equipment and trailers are well illuminated and visible to motorists as well as kept in good repair.

“Slow-moving equipment travelling less than 40km/hr should be equipped with slow-moving vehicle signs and extra-wide equipment should have an escort vehicle to ensure visibility.”

Producers are also reminded to make sure rear-facing white lights are turned off when travelling on the road, as they are dangerous to oncoming traffic.

Producers are working long hours to get their crop off these days