Summerside tunnel diggers call in reinforcements to find cars

Colin MacLean
Published on February 19, 2015

SUMMERSIDE — Marcel Landry and Stephanie Collicutt found their cars Wednesday thanks to a little help from some friends.

A crew showed up on their doorstep Wednesday morning and worked for several hours to excavate their vehicles from their wintery tombs.

“I’m a little tired – but still standing,” chuckled Landry.

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The Summerside couple watched their two vehicles get completely covered over in snow during Sunday and Monday’s storm. The cars were parked in the back yard of their Notre Dame Street home. And by the time the weather cleared on Tuesday, almost two storeys of hard-packed snow had buried the vehicles.

Landry and Collicutt dug a tunnel into the snowbank to try and find their vehicle, which they did after about six hours of work.

They posted photos of their tunnel online; it measured at least 25-feet long and six-feet high, and their story went viral.

The article posted on alone was viewed more than 141,000 times between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and was shared thousands of times through Facebook and Twitter.

The quirky story and striking pictures from inside the structure were also picked up by CBC,, The Weather Network and other national news organizations.

Landry is just happy to have made some headway in getting his cars back.

“It’s a relief. It’s hard to believe between five of us we (only) got that much done in a whole afternoon. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me by myself. We’re pretty grateful,” he said.

Now that they’ve uncovered the cars, Landry will concentrate on clearing a path to get them to the road.

That’s another 20 feet of six foot snowbanks worth of work, he said.

As for the tunnel itself – well, it’s mostly gone. But it was fun while it lasted.