Nova Scotia couple honeymooning on P.E.I. after Robin's Donuts wedding

Published on December 8, 2015

Robert and Lisa Langille cut their wedding cake in the Amherst Robin's Donuts shop Saturday.

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Lisa, Robert Langille met at Amherst Robin's Donuts, decided to get married there on Saturday


AMHERST, N.S. – Lisa and Robert Langille were married inside Robin's Donuts Saturday afternoon in Amherst.

After the ceremony in the store, the Langille’s traveled to P.E.I. Saturday night for their honeymoon.

“I use to work here at Robin's and he came through the drive thru on a Sunday morning with a Montreal Canadiens hat on, and I asked him what he was doing with that ugly hat on,” said Lisa after she officially became Lisa Langille.

Rob chatted her up and learned that Lisa had spent the previous night alone by a bonfire with her dog.

He must have been smitten because an hour later Mark Dentith, his best man at the wedding, came through the drive thru and passed Rob’s name and phone number to Lisa.

Rob proved to be persistent.

“I stalked her for a couple weeks, and then I asked her to friend me on facebook,” said Rob. “That was about a year and a half ago.”

Their first date was at the Rockabilly festival in downtown Amherst.

“It was a good date,” said Lisa.

Lisa recently called her former boss, Kelly Cheverie, owner/operator of Robin’s Donuts, and asked if it would be OK to get married in the donut shop.

“I felt honoured that Lisa had even thought about us for her special day,” said Cheverie. “She met Rob here and then to have her special day here we thought was great.”

Robin's was full during the wedding, with a standing-room only crowd.

“It’s good that everything has fallen nicely into place,” said Cheverie. “The staff all pulled together to make it special for her, so I’m very thankful for the people I have working for me.”

And what does Lisa’s dad think of having a wedding at Robin’s Donuts?

“It’s definitely different, but I think it’s unique, and my hope is that their love and the rest of their lives turn out as unique as this marriage was,” said John Reid. “It took me my surprise when she said she was going to be married here but they’re serious about one another and I think it turned out to be a really good day.”

He’s known Rob for only a short time.

“I had time to become acquainted with him over the summertime and he seems like a very nice gentleman.”

As everyone knows, Montreal Canadiens fans and Toronto Maple Leafs fans mix together about as good as water and oil, but Lisa says it won’t be a problem.

“Toronto and Montreal can exist together in a happy marriage,” she said.