Charlottetown Bishop visiting India for priest progress report

Published on December 24, 2015

Bishop Richard Grecco says he will listen to others and consult to help establish priorities. Guardian photo by Jim Day

Bishop Richard Grecco is heading to India to provide a progress report of sorts on the several Indian priests working in P.E.I.

Grecco, the bishop for the Diocese of Charlottetown, will leave for India at the end of this month for nearly a month-long visit.

He will be joined by Rev. Eric Dunn, the victor general of the Diocese of Charlottetown.

Grecco will meet with other bishops and religious superiors who have priests serving here.

"So it's a pastoral visit, bishop to bishop,'' Grecco told The Guardian recdently.

Nine priests have come from India to work in Prince Edward Island over the past five years, making up about one-third of the 30 priests active in the diocese's parishes in the province.

Grecco is pleased by the performance of the Indian priests - a mix of missionary and diocesan priests -- that have helped to fill the void created by 12 priests retiring over the past six years.

"These guys are adapting real well,'' he says.