P.E.I. mussel farms partner with other companies

Published on December 22, 2015

Canadian Cove, the brand of Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership.

Confederation Cove Mussels in Borden-Carleton, along with two other shellfish businesses, have recently been amalgamated with Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership.

The other businesses are J.P.’s Shellfish and Stewart Mussel Farms located in Maine, USA, and Kensington, P.E.I., respectively.

The combination of the four companies forms an integrated shellfish company, which will be positioned to serve customers better by using the combined strengths of the long-established seafood businesses, says a spokesperson with Atlantic Aqua Farms.


Terry Ennis, president and CEO of Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership, said each of the companies has a reputation for quality and service, and that is positive for the staff, the customers, and the industry.

“Atlantic Aqua Farms is the number one grower-processor and supplier of premium, rope-cultivated P.E.I. blue mussels to North America.

“Our single focus every day is to consistently produce the best quality mussels in the world for our customers and the addition of J.P.’s Shellfish, Confederation Cove Mussels and Stewart Mussel Farms to our family will allow us to provide more of the high quality shellfish we’ve always been known for,” said Ennis.

In addition, new products include live lobsters, oysters, and clams, he added.


Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership

- A mussel farming and processing company in P.E.I., which is certified Canadian Organic, was the first mussel farms in the world to be certified to the GAA Best Aquaculture Practices mussel farming standards.

J.P.’s Shellfish

- A multi-species shellfish sales and distribution company based in Maine, USA, with a long history of providing fresh live shellfish to its diverse customer base.

Confederation Cove Mussels and Stewart Mussel Farms

- A leading farmer and processor of P.E.I. mussels.