Student from Bahamas shares first experience with snow in P.E.I.

Maureen Coulter
Published on December 21, 2015

Windy Exantus of the Bahamas had a new experience recently after having his first snowball fight. He describes snow as the ice that builds up in a freezer.

©Heather Taweel/The Guardian

Windy Exantus of the Bahamas checked off ‘snowball fight' on his bucket list after P.E.I. had its first snowfall of the season recently.

"It hurts," laughed Exantus when recollecting what he thought of the winter activity.

The 23-year-old student had never seen snow before moving to Prince Edward Island and experienced his first snowfall after coming out of the library at the University of Prince Edward Island one evening.

"It actually goes into your eyes. It's different than rain and it's difficult to see."

Exantus described the feel of snow as the ice that builds up in a freezer.

He took to social media and started posting winter pictures for his friends and family back home, since many of them have never seen snow.

"It's kind of exciting just to experience it because where I'm from it's summer year round."

Exantus is used to temperatures typically around 30 degrees Celsius and said it has taken him awhile to get acclimatized to Canada's cooler weather since moving here in September.

"I find the sun don't really shine here," he said. "You don't feel the heat like back home. You feel like the sun is actually burning off your skin but it's like a flashlight here."

One thing he isn't enjoying are the shorter days that come along with the winter season.

"It's horrible, to be honest," said Exantus. "I guess if you are from here you might be used to it. If you are not, it's pretty depressing."

Though he misses his family, the delicious food from his country and the warm weather, he is happy to be here in P.E.I. studying international business at UPEI.

Exantus said he hopes to try snowboarding among other outdoor winter activities in the coming months.

"I'm very open minded so I'm always interested in doing new things so I won't turn down any opportunity," said Exantus."It would defeat the purpose of being here if you are just going to stay inside."