Tuna fisherman fined $1,500 for using barbed hooks, other infractions

Steve Sharratt comment@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on December 18, 2015

FILE PHOTO: Tuna at Northport harbour.


GEORGETOWN - A tuna fisherman who failed to hail got off to a rocky start this year when he was boarded on the water and charged with two offenses by the federal department of Fisheries.

Kevin Tyler MacLeod of Commercial Road was charged for two infractions that did not comply with the regulations of his license and pled guilty to both.

He was fined a total of $1,500.

He was charged on Sept. 23 when a fisheries officer found him using barbed hooks during a charter.

Court was told he was running a catch and release charter and had two customers on board and all four lines were using illegal barbed hooks.

He was also charged that during 11 different September outings on board his vessel Cat’s Sass he failed to “hail” the department of Fisheries.

That means he failed to give at least a 10-hour prior notice to officers that he would be on the sea fishing.

MacLeod did hail his trips, but not within the prescribed amount of time.

Judge Nancy Orr was advised it was MacLeod’s first year in the tuna industry and agreed to a joint fine payment of $750 for each infraction.