Grade one class on P.E.I. makes predictions about Christmas in future

Maureen Coulter
Published on December 20, 2015

Lilly Forbes and Carter Nicholson work on their Christmas trees to give to their parents over the holidays. Lilly and Carter have different views on how Santa will deliver Christmas presents in the future. Lilly thinks he will walk and Carter thinks he will continue to use his sleigh.

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Predict they will be decorating palm trees in future instead of traditional fir, pine or spruce

In the future, Island families could be decorating palm trees instead of the usual fir, pine or spruce.

And, because the future is all about technology, Isaac Spears says he and his future family will be hanging ornaments on “techno palm trees”.

“I think we will be decorating a really tall palm tree because there is no Christmas trees in the future,” he said.

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Jonah Nicholson, on the other hand, thinks we will be decorating maple trees.

Isaac and Jonah are two of Rena Hunting’s Grade 1 students at West Kent Elementary School in Charlottetown. The Guardian visited the class recently to ask the youngsters what Christmas will be like when they grow up.

Students were busy colouring Christmas trees and writing letters to their parents as they shared their ideas.

Some of the students have visions of a technologically advanced society where travelling will be much easier for us and for Santa.

“There will be, like, teleporters that could teleport the family home and then you just need to like press a button and then you could like go to Christmas dinner with your family,” said Mae MacGillivray.

Isaac says Santa will use a jetpack to get around the world in one night.

“One little button that he presses and he will just get a jetpack that comes out of magic stuff and he’ll just fly around and deliver all the presents.”

Jonah says there will also be some magic involved, as Santa will deliver his presents with a flying car, like the enchanted blue one in Harry Potter.

Lilly Forbes says Santa will walk off some of the cookies by strolling from house to house, while Carter Nicholson thinks St. Nick will continue to use his trusted sleigh.

As to how they will spend their Christmas with their future family, Isaac said he hopes to sing some songs around the fire and dance around the Christmas tree.

Others voice that they will decorate a tree, have a big Christmas dinner and go outside to play with their kids.

“My Mom and Dad will be a Grampie and Grammie,” said Lilly.

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