Plans not finalized to replace demolished buildings in Charlottetown

Published on December 17, 2015

Google map showing the area around Passmore Street in Charlottetown where several buildings will be demolished.

Philip O’Halloran says whatever is coming is better than what is there right now.

The Charlottetown developer was given the green light by city council to demolish eight decrepit buildings on two streets close to the downtown core.

The homes are on Chestnut and Passmore streets, both of which are bordered by University Avenue and Queen Street, opposite the Invesco and Kwik Kopy businesses.

“Structurally, they are falling in on themselves,’’ O’Halloran said Tuesday. “Every system, mechanical, electrical, is done.’’

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O’Halloran said they’ve been helping tenants find new housing, either in buildings he owns or somewhere else.

Six of the eight buildings are now vacant while efforts continue to find housing for residents in the remaining two.

“My brother (handles) the rental stuff and he’s good a good rapport with all of his tenants. You’ll not find a landlord like Matthew who will help you pack and move and give you a truck.’’

O’Halloran is currently busy trying to get the condominium project at the corner of Grafton and Prince streets finished before turning his attention to Chestnut and Passmore.

He was also involved in the townhouse development very close by on Queen Street.

As for what will rise from the ground on Chestnut and Passmore, O’Halloran said it’s still at the concept stage.

“We’re kind of playing with sketches on a paper napkin; a long, long way from any construction drawings but we’ll work through it with the planning staff.’’

But he wants to get residents clear of the existing buildings first and tear them down before safety becomes a bigger issue.