Gas, furnace oil prices drop in P.E.I.

Published on December 11, 2015

Gas prices

Falling world oil prices have prompted the agency that oversees P.E.I.’s petroleum prices to make an unscheduled price reduction.

Overnight, gas prices dropped by 3.3 cents per litre.

Including adjustments for taxes, pump prices at self-serve outlets will now range from 95.9 to 97.0 cents per litre.

Furnace and stove oil prices dropped by 4.0 cents per litre. Prices are now at 75.7 cents per litre.

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Diesel prices were cut by 3.0 cents per litre.

There was no change in propane prices.

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission says significant decreases in wholesale prices prompted the unscheduled price adjustment.

The next scheduled price adjustment is on Dec. 15.