Sell-off at Pridhams V&S starts Friday

Published on December 10, 2015

New owner, Kevin Kane was busy Thursday marking down prices for a sell-off of Pridham’s V&S merchandise. Kane recently purchased the Main Street, Alberton store and will convert it into A Great Canadian Dollar Store once existing merchandise has been moved out.


New owner wants to move stock out as he gets ready to make it into a Great Canadian Dollar Store

ALBERTON – Pridham’s V&S reopens in Alberton Friday for one final sale.

The previous owner closed the store on October 10 citing adverse economic conditions. The doors to the store have been shuttered ever since but on Wednesday a sign went up in the window advising that the location will become a Great Canadian Dollar Store.

It will actually become the 100th in the Great Canadian Dollar Store chain, and for new owner, Kevin Kane, it is his 35th store.

His next closest store is in Bloomfield. He said there will be some differences in inventories between the two West Prince locations.

Before the changeover, though, Kane said he needs to get clear of all remaining Pridham’s V&S inventory.

“We’re making down inventories,” Kane said of activities going on in the Alberton store Thursday.

Kane anticipates the new store will require one full-time manager and eight or nine part-time employees. Job-seekers started dropping off resumes around noontime Thursday.

Kane said he started the process of purchasing the building and inventory two weeks ago when he learned the store was on the market. “It came together really quickly.” He indicated he wants to clear out the inventory quickly, adding his 35th Great Canadian Dollar Store will open at that location after Christmas.

The selloff starts Friday at 9 am.