Man from P.E.I. spells out marriage proposal with potatoes

Published on November 24, 2015

©© Photo by Kelly Butler Photography

Proposal in July suddenly flooding social media after Olivia Harris of Springfield West said yes to Brodie MacDonald

SPRINGFIELD WEST – Because P.E.I. potatoes played a significant role in Brodie MacDonald’s July proposal to Olivia Harris, the couple has started to look for ways to incorporate the potato into their wedding celebration next September 2.

It was on Olivia’s birthday on July 16 that Brodie, who works at TD Bank in Charlottetown, spelled out his proposal with about 200 netted gem potatoes borrowed from her father’s potato warehouse.

“Olivia will you marry me?”

“I snapped my neck around pretty quick and looked at him and just basically grabbed him up off of the ground. I don’t even know if he got any words out,” she described her reaction.

Although that event happened more than four months ago, the couple’s special moment was recently thrust back into the limelight when details of the potato-themed engagement started flooding social media.

Various media platforms have been sharing the story.

“I hope people know I’m doing (the interviews) because it’s for the potato industry, really. It’s like a positive thing,” said the bride-to-be. “I really like that it’s positive for farming.”

Reaction, she said, has been very positive. She’s even taking the good-natured comments, like the ones about future tater-tots, in stride.

Although potatoes are not part of his background, Brodie was certainly well aware how important they are to Olivia’s family.

“It was kind of nice to incorporate all that in the proposal,” he acknowledged.

She admits she had anticipated Brodie might pop the question on her birthday, but they had also talked about getting a puppy.

He had taken her, blindfolded, out into her parents’ backyard.

“He said, ‘Okay, you can take the blindfold off,’ and I thought, ‘Okay, this is probably it, but it could be a dog.’

“Then, whenever I took the blindfold off, he was down on one knee and I saw the sign in the grass.”

There’s still no puppy and she doubts there will be one for a while.

“Brodie said they had gone up to the warehouse, and there weren’t many potatoes left. Dad, I think, was pretty happy he was using them for that reason.” They were the last of the farm’s 2014 crop.

Her whole family knew about two weeks ahead of time about Brodie’s engagement plans, as he had formally asked them for Olivia’s hand in marriage, so they were out at the cottage waiting for the engagement celebration.

But it was only a couple of days before popping the question that he decided to spell it out with potatoes.

“When I mentioned it, they, yeah, it was, definitely. That’s when I knew it was kind of the way I should go,” he said.

“I think that Brodie was pretty clever and he put a lot of thought into it and brought a lot of things that were important to me into the engagement,” Olivia, an emergency room nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital commented.

The potato angle caught fire once Kendra Mills from the P.E.I. Potato Board heard about it and sought permission to share photos.

“I was definitely all for it, and so was Olivia,” Brodie said, but admitted he wasn’t expecting the proposal to go viral.

“I think that’s really cool,” Olivia said, “that something that seems so special to somebody can really draw so much attention.”

“It’s nice to see we can impact a little bit,” he admitted.

 “I do think, because of where we come from, with potatoes being such a huge part of our advertising and kind of our motto for P.E.I., I think that’s why it’s gotten so much attention,” the bride-to-be reflected.