Gasoline, furnace oil and diesel prices remain unchanged

Published on September 1, 2014
Gas prices

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission has announced there will be no change in the price of gasoline, furnace oil or diesel effective today.

 Propane prices will decrease by 2.7 cpl for Superior Propane, by 0.7 cpl for Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing and by 2.5 cpl for Kenmac Energy Inc.

Pump prices for regular unleaded gasoline at self-serve outlets will continue to range from 132.9 cpl to 134.1 cpl. Maximum before tax propane prices will now range from 77.1 cpl to 80.6 cpl. 

The maximum price for furnace oil will continue to be 103.3 cpl plus tax.

The commission's next scheduled price adjustment will be September 15.