Surf conditions still dangerous in P.E.I National Park

Published on August 9, 2014
Graphic explains a rip current

Surf conditions in the P.E.I National Park Saturday continue to be dangerous and park officials are warning people to stay out of the water due to the hazardous rip currents that are caused by the surf.

 Rip currents form when waves break near the shoreline, piling up water between the breaking waves and the beach.  One of the ways this water returns to sea is to form a rip current, a narrow stream of water moving swiftly away from shore. The danger is when swimmers become trapped in the rapid current and are swept offshore. Swimmers are advised not to panic, but to remain calm and swim parallel to shore to get out of the current. Once they are free of the current they can swim back to shore.

It was a rip current that claimed the life of a 69-year-old American tourist who went swimming in rough surf at Lakeside Friday. RCMP have not yet released her name.

For more information on the current surf conditions please contact the P.E.I National Park at (902) 672-6350.