Charlottetown woman jailed for fraud, other offences

Published on August 6, 2014

Prince Edward Island provincial court

©Guardian photo

A 25-year-old Charlottetown woman was sentenced Tuesday in provincial court to serve six months in the provincial correctional centre for a series of offences that included fraud and theft.

Sarah Catherine MacDonald received the largest portion of that sentence for uttering forged documents.

On that count, which involved uttering five stolen cheques, she received three months.

That sentence was subsequently reduced by 58 days for time spent on remand while awaiting the disposition of her case.

Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr sentenced her to one month, to be served concurrently, for breach of probation.

The act of stealing the cheques, which she and certain criminal acquaintances would later cash for a total of $3,227.00, merited one month in jail, consecutive to the first sentence.

The court was told MacDonald was staying at the home of the victim when she stole the cheques. The cheques were for the woman’s business account.

Theft of a debit card used to take money from the account of her former boyfriend, netted another month in jail, consecutive to all other sentences.

The card was used to withdraw over $400 from his account.

A second breach of probation charge drew a sentence of one month concurrent.

A similar sentence was imposed for failure to attend court.

Sentences of 15 days in jail, consecutive to all other sentences, were imposed for stealing a shirt from the Stitches clothing store and a third breach of probation charge.

Upon release from custody MacDonald will spend two years on probation.

While on probation she will be required to undergo assessment, counselling and treatment, for the use of drugs, alcohol or any other underlying issue which might have contributed to the commission of these offences.

MacDonald has also been ordered to make restitution to the victims of her crimes and to write letters of apology.

MacDonald was ordered to pay several hundred dollars in victims of crime surcharges.

The court was told MacDonald has addictions issues but is taking steps to help her address those issues and is making progress.