Province holding public meeting on new government garage

New facility will replace the old maintenance garage near the Hillsborough Bridge and a storage depot near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Ryan Ross
Published on August 5, 2014

Site plan for proposed new government garage on Brackley Point Road.
See proposed environment impact statement as a PDF HERE

The provincial government is moving closer to building a new garage as it gets set for public consultations on the proposed site in Brackley.

Transportation Minister Robert Vessey said an environmental assessment needs to be done and a public information session is planned for Thursday with all the collected information going to Environment Minister Janice Sherry.


"If it's favourable, as we hope, then we're going to start work on the site this fall," he said.

The new facility will replace the old maintenance garage near the Hillsborough Bridge and a storage depot near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


By moving, it will also free up land that can be used as part of Charlottetown's redevelopment plans for its gateway into the city.

Although the cost for the new garage hasn't been determined, Vessey said it will likely be around $16.5 million, which could be offset to some extent by the sale of government-owned land.

As part of the process, Joose Environmental prepared an environmental impact statement for the facility the Transportation Department plans to build near the Charlottetown Airport.

The statement lays out some of the necessary mitigation plans, including the installation of an oil water separator, a peat filtration system to catch pollutants and a berm to reduce noise levels on adjacent properties.

Joose Environmental said the potential environmental effects wouldn't be significant during construction, operation and maintenance of the garage with the planned mitigation and monitoring measures in place.

The Transportation Department plans to build the garage in phases over a five-year period, which includes widening Brackley Point Road.

Part of the new facility will include construction of a brine farm with a well that will be used to mix water and salt for de-icing roads in the winter.

The Transportation Department estimates it will be able to store 225,000 litres of brine and use between four and six million litres of water during the winter.

Vessey said the department used brine last winter as part of a pilot project on two Island roads.

"It worked out very well. I think that's something we want to proceed (with)," he said.

The Transportation Department will hold the public information session Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at the Brackley Community Centre.

After the information session the public will be able to submit comments for 10 days.

The environmental impact statement is available at