Air exchanger problem leads to serious fire at Montrose home

Published on August 27, 2014


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MONTROSE - A home in Montrose will require extensive interior repair following a Tuesday evening fire.

Alberton Fire Chief Tom Murphy said the provincial fire marshal’s office determined the fire started in the basement furnace room, likely caused by an electrical fire in the air exchange system of Brian Matthews’s one-storey home.

The emergency call was received around 6:30 p.m. and Alberton Fire Department responded with 20 firefighters. Tignish was called in for backup and responded with 15 firefighters.

While fire damage was limited to the furnace room itself, Murphy said there was extensive smoke damage throughout. Only a small amount of water had to be used to get the fire out.

“The house has to be pretty well taken apart (to repair the smoke damage)” Murphy reported.

The Tignish department departed the scene after an hour and a half, but the Alberton department was on scene for about five hours, exhausting smoke from the house and making sure there were no hot spots.

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