Gas leak in Charlottetown

Chlorine gas drifted through the area behind Delta Prince Edward, bringing a HAZMAT team to the scene

Nigel Armstrong
Published on August 18, 2014

Charlottetown firefighters test water in two large white plastic containers following an incident at the back of the Delta Prince Edward hotel in Charlottetown Monday. Chlorine granules spilled, releasing chlorine fumes into the area. A hazardous materials team put the offending material into the plastic containers to dilute it with water and a neutralizing agent.

©THE GUARDIAN/Nigel Armstrong

The Charlottetown Fire Department responded to a call at the Delta Prince Edward hotel Monday following a chemical incident in the shipping and receiving area of the building.

“There was a concern over a chemical mixture for the pool that may have been putting a potentially harmful gas into the air,” said Charlottetown Fire Chief Randy MacDonald in a statement issued by the department. “The Charlottetown Fire Department was called to the scene at approximately 1 p.m.”

Businesses within 100 feet were evacuated as a precaution, but have since returned to normal operations.

The Provincial Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Team was called as part of the fire department’s protocol when dealing with such chemical incidents.

The chemical involved was Hy-Clor Granular Pool Chlorine. Water and a stabilizing agent were added to the granular pool chlorine to dilute it. The City’s Water and Sewer Utility tested the diluted concentration as an added precaution.

The fire station’s Engine 1 remained on scene for two and a half hours to ensure the incident was contained and dealt with safely.