Driving 138 km/h in a 70 zone without a licence lands man in jail

Published on August 18, 2014

Prince Edward Island provincial court

©Guardian photo

A man who came to the attention of police while driving 138 kilometers per hour in a 70 km/h zone will be spending the next few weekends in jail.

Devan Blake Rayner, age 20, appeared Monday before provincial court judge Nancy Orr in Charlottetown.

She gave him 10 days in jail on weekends for impaired driving.

When police stopped Rayner for speeding on Oct. 26 last year, they noticed signs of impairment. They also discovered he did not have a driver’s licence.

Rayner was also fined $1,000 and must pay a $300 victims of crime surcharge as a result of his guilty plea.

In other news Monday from judge Orr's court, a 42-year-old Charlottetown man was sentenced to 15 days in jail after pleading guilty to stealing from his former employer.

Joseph Vincent MacDougall was working for a water delivery company when he began pocketing some of the money he received as payment from customers for those deliveries, the court was told.

His lawyer said that MacDougall was using his own vehicle to make deliveries so he took the money to pay maintenance costs for that vehicle.

He was charged on Feb. 12 this year.

MacDougall will spend 12 months on probation when he gets out of jail.

While on probation he must make restitution to his former employer for $495. He must also pay a $100 victims of crime surcharge.