Atlantic Lotto looks to get into consulting

Teresa Wright
Published on August 19, 2014

Atlantic Lottery

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is getting into the consulting business.

The corporation has approached the four Atlantic provinces requesting approval to deliver professional consulting services to lottery and gaming industries outside the region.

Craig Ennis, senior public affairs counsel for the Atlantic Lotto, says this would be an opportunity for the corporation to generate new revenues for work they have already been doing.

“We regularly get asked to provide expertise, guidance, lessons learned from our experiences over the course of nearly 40 years in operation, so now we have the ability to charge for these services,” Ennis said.

“This gives us an opportunity to get responsible profit from outside the region and then bring it back in.”

The initiative is not expected to incur any up-front costs, as ALC plans to use existing business relationships and networks to identify consulting opportunities.

Ennis said this new venture fits within ALC’s mandate to return profit to its shareholders — the four Atlantic provinces.

The Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission and the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation have already signed on to the initiative.

P.E.I. Finance Minister Wes Sheridan, who is responsible for the P.E.I. Lotteries Commission, was unavailable for comment Monday, but a spokesman in his department said this new venture would be a financial benefit to Islanders.

“Atlantic Lottery’spositive reputation has caused it to be sought after as a gaming consultant outside of Atlantic Canada,” the spokesman said.

“The change would allow ALC to increase its profitability and, in turn, bring additional economic benefit to Islanders and all Atlantic Canadians.”

Ennis says it is too early to say how big a venture this would be for the corporation.

“Right now we’re putting the pieces in place where we would be able to do it.”

He added ALC’s interest in venturing into consulting should not have any impact on the current service offerings at Atlantic Lotto.

Prince Edward Island received $15.3 million in ALC profits in 2013, according to ALC’s 2013-14 annual report.