Litter on P.E.I. roads hazardous to cyclists, says NS woman

David Stewart
Published on August 15, 2014


“Who knew litter on P.E.I. roads could be life threatening?’’

That’s a question Betsy Morehouse of Cambridge, N.S., is both asking herself and telling others as a warning.

Morehouse’s friend was cycling in P.E.I. last week when her front tire struck an empty beer can.

She was travelling down hill at the time and Morehouse said she was moving fast.

“She struck an empty beer can and it locked her wheel, throwing her over the handle bars,’’ Morehouse said. “She had a helmet on, of course, and she was dressed in proper clothing but she hit her forehead.’’

Morehouse’s friend is being treated for her injuries at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.

“Her progress is slow but encouraging. She’s getting physical therapy and speech therapy. She’s having trouble with her balance and I’m not really sure about her memory.’’

Morehouse said she’s speaking out in hopes that it makes people think twice about littering.

“I think people mostly think when they litter it’s doing something to the environment, that it won’t affect them right now.

“What’s important to consider here is that people can be hurt. She could have been killed and she could still have permanent damage.’’

Beyond that, Morehouse doesn’t understand why people would even want to litter in what she calls “such a beautiful province’’.

“People come here to bicycle but if they’re afraid they’re going to get hurt they won’t come.’’