P.E.I. improving access to hearing tests

Published on August 11, 2014

Health P.E.I.

The province has cleared up some red tape to help Islanders get hearing tests.

Beginning in October, private audiologists who meet the criteria will be able to bill the health system for hearing tests they perform. Previously, there was no direct route to bill for the tests.

Also, referrals to private audiologists can now come from family physicians, nurse practitioners, public health nurses and speech language pathologists. Individuals accessing these services must be over the age of four and can see a private audiologist every two years.

“This is a great step toward increasing access to health care services that are important to Islanders,” said Health Minister Doug Currie.

“Government made a commitment to expand the roles of private audiologists and, as a result, audiologists with additional training now will be able to take on more responsibility for patient care and some services provided by the private audiologists will now be covered by Health P.E.I.”

The expansion of the role of masters-trained audiologists will improve access to private audiology services for all Islanders.

“With an aging population, the incidence of hearing loss is expected to rise. Children also need timely access to testing and support to identify any potential hearing loss,” said Deborah Bradley, executive director of community health for Health P.E.I.

“The expanded role of private audiologists will provide faster access to hearing and impedance tests for all Islanders. These two tests are the first steps individuals need to take in order to begin to understand their issues with hearing loss.”

For more information visit www.healthpei.ca/audiology.