Wild night of drunk driving in Gasperaux

Published on July 7, 2014

It was a wild night of drinking and driving in the Kings county community of Gasperaux one night in April, but now two people are in jail because of it.

Provincial court judge Nancy Orr heard the whole story in Georgetown court last week.

The court was told that on April 5, 2014, about 9 p.m., RCMP received a report of a hit and run accident on Route 17.

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A vehicle that was stopped on the side of the road had been hit by another vehicle, which left the scene.

About one kilometre away, police came across Wade Atwood Jamieson, 49, of Gasperaux using his own vehicle to push the suspect run vehicle into a driveway.

In the suspect vehicle was Ivan Raymond Foote, also age 49 and also of Gasperaux.

The police officers said both men showed clear signs of being drunk. Breath tests showed both Foote and Jamieson were each over twice the legal limit.

Both men pleaded guilty in court.

Orr sentenced Foote to 36 days in jail with a $1,300 fine for drinking and driving, plus an additional 15 days in jail for leaving the scene of an accident. She also ordered him to pay a total of $490 to the victims of crime fund.

Foote is now suspended from driving for two years.

Jamieson got 30 days in jail for drinking and driving, a $1,500 fine, a $450 payment to the victims of crime fund and also got a two year ban on driving.