Charlottetown man appealing sentence in Operation Clean Sweep drug case

Ryan Ross
Published on July 31, 2014

Operation clean sweep

A Charlottetown man who was arrested as part of the Operation Clean Sweep drug investigation is appealing his seven-year sentence.

Joseph Laurie Doucette, 59, filed the appeal July 11 after provincial court Judge Nancy Orr sentenced him in May for trafficking cocaine and possession of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking.

Doucette was one of about 40 people arrested in January as part of an investigation that saw Charlottetown police seize more than $400,000 in drugs.

He has a lengthy criminal record with several convictions for drug offences and during the investigation Doucette sold more than $4,500 worth of cocaine to a police agent.

The police later found cocaine at his home and he pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

Doucette is appealing the sentence on the grounds that it was excessive and outside the appropriate range.

The notice of appeal said Orr didn’t properly differentiate between the circumstances of Doucette’s last related conviction and the current matter.

According to the notice of appeal, Doucette’s previous related sentencing was 13 years ago and involved conspiracies to import large quantities of hashish into P.E.I.

His trial in that case took 27 days.

Doucette was one of the first people arrested as part of Operation Clean Sweep to enter a plea.

The notice of appeal also argued Orr failed to give appropriate credit for Doucette’s early guilty plea.