Charlottetown councillor in hospital after collison with girl on bicycle

Nigel Armstrong
Published on July 29, 2014

Coun. Eddie Rice, chair of Charlottetown's Water and Sewer Utility committee, says the city may have to expropriate some of the land its needs for its sewer separation project.

©Guardian photo

Charlottetown city councillor Eddie Rice was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Tuesday following a collision with an 11-year-old girl on a bicycle.

The accident happened around 8 p.m. at the corner of York Lane and Goodwill Ave. An ambulance was called, said witnesses, but the little girl was fine, up walking around after getting bumped by the front of Rice's vehicle.

Rice, however, was in distress, said witnesses, and was taken by ambulance to the QEH.

Paramedics checked the girl over and recommended she too get some medical attention for a scrape on her arm.

The family lives in the area so the girl left the scene in a vehicle driven by her mother.

The girl was playing with two sisters who live across from Brighton Grocery on Century Terrace, plus other girls from the area, said Linda MacQuarrie, mother of one of the uninjured girls.

They were on bicycles and scooters, all wearing helmets, said MacQuarrie. They were southbound, down Goodwill in the direction of Victoria Park, preparing to turn left onto York Lane.

Rice, who is chairman of Charlottetown Water and Sewer committee, was heading west on York Lane towards the light house, said MacQuarrie.

After the collision of the bike handlebars and the front of Rice's vehicle, with the girl off the bicycle, Rice backed his car up a little bit, catching a part of the child's bicycle and dragging it under his front bumper, which made the scene look more ominous than it was, said MacQuarrie.