Violent threats keep man in custody

Ryan Ross
Published on July 23, 2014

Scales of justice

A Summerside man who allegedly told jail guards there would be a massacre once he was released and made references to the recent killing of three RCMP officers in Moncton will be in court this morning.

Summerside police arrested James Franklin Little, 46, on June 6 for allegedly uttering threats after an altercation in the city. He is facing a total of seven charges, including assault and several counts of uttering threats.

Little’s arrest came two days after five RCMP officers were shot in Moncton.

Justin Bourque is facing three first degree murder charges and two attempted murder charges in connection with the shootings.

Little appeared before Justice of the Peace Charles Thompson in Charlottetown for a show cause hearing Friday to determine if he should be held in custody while his case is before the courts.

During the hearing, the Crown played video of a Summerside police interview with Little after they arrested him for allegedly uttering threats. Only part of the interview was shown but in the portion played in court Little was belligerent and gave expletive-laced responses to questions the police asked.

He made several references to the Moncton shootings throughout the interview, including saying that Bourque didn’t go through much and snapped. In referring to himself, Little said he has been in a jam his whole life and was sick of it.

At one point during the interview, Little told police he had been putting up with some unspecified people for several years and hoped they were dead.

“It’s time to go to war man,” he said when asked who he was talking about.

Little also said cops had been destroying him his entire life and he was starting to connect the dots between the police and getting screwed around.

Before the video ended, Little said he doesn’t want respect from being a nice guy. Instead he wants it from fear, Little said.

Little also made numerous comments about the other person involved in the altercation, at one point saying if he was his son he would have choked him to “near death.”

After the video ended, a Summerside police officer testified Little’s attitude got worse after learning he was going to be remanded into custody.

The court didn’t see video of the rest of the police interview.

The officer also testified jail guards alleged Little made threats to kill police officers, made further reference to the shootings in Moncton and said there would be a massacre once he is released.

Those types of comments were allegedly made to the guards over the span of about an hour.

Little had also allegedly become physical with, yelled at and spit in the face of someone he was driving with earlier on June 6 after they commented on a news report that came on the radio about the shootings in Moncton.

It was allegedly in reaction to comments the other person made that he thought were siding with the police.

In asking for Little to be kept in custody, Crown attorney John Diamond said it was necessary for the protection of the public and his behaviour during the police interview showed little regard for police or anyone else. Diamond pointed out that Little indicated he had military training and made numerous references to wanting to start a war.

When it came time for Little to address the court, his demeanor stood in sharp contrast to that shown on the video.

His voice was calm as he said he has never assaulted a police officer or jail guard and he wasn’t proud of what happened on the video but had lost his cool.

“That video, that’s me at my worst,” he said.

Thompson ordered Little be detained until dealt with through the courts because he said it was necessary for the safety of the public.

Little is scheduled to appear in court in Summerside Thursday morning.