Case adjourned in alleged ephedrine distribution case

Ryan Ross
Published on July 23, 2014

Prince Edward Island provincial court

©Guardian photo

An Island woman who was charged in January with allegedly illegally selling ephedrine to international customers over the Internet had her case adjourned Monday.

Kelly Lea MacKinnon was not in provincial court in Charlottetown where lawyer Chris Montigny appeared before Judge Nancy Orr as an agent on behalf of MacKinnon’s lawyer from Halifax.

Orr granted an adjournment until Aug. 19.

The Canada Border Services Agency charged MacKinnon and her father Barry James MacKinnon of Upper Sackville, N.S. for allegedly selling more than three million ephedrine tablets to international customers.

The agency alleges the two sold the pills through more than 5,000 transactions in shipments to multiple countries as gifts and dietary supplements.

A licence is required to import or export ephedrine from Canada.

Ephedrine, which is used in some nasal decongestants, is also used recreationally by bodybuilders and for weight loss.

It can also be used in the production of crystal meth.

The Canada Border Services Agency alleges most of the shipments went to the U.S.

Kelly MacKinnon’s case was originally before the courts in Nova Scotia but was moved to P.E.I. where she is from.