UPDATE: Cornwall councillor asking about extended warranty on big projects

Council approves almost $9 million on sewer, sidewalk project but Frizzell wonders if extended two-year warranty a possibility

Nigel Armstrong NArmstrong@TheGuardian.pe.ca
Published on July 18, 2014

061511 Cornwall Councillor Corey Frizzell delivers his parks and recreation committee report during the June town council meeting Wednesday. Frizzell announced that the Holland Hurricanes football team will hold its training camp at the Terry Fox sport field complex in the town at the end of August.

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EDITOR'S NOTE - Corrected story

CORNWALL — Town council has agreed to direct almost $900,000 of federal funding to a major sewer-sidewalk project but it’s not getting any extended warranty on the work.

On Wednesday, council approved a motion to accept the tender bid from Birt and MacKay of $868,492.21 for installation of a sewer line in what is known as the James Street trunk system, then cover over the work with a new sidewalk that will extend the full length of MacArthur Drive.

All that money will come from the town’s share of the federal Gas Tax program. One other tender bid came in at close to $1.1 million.

Coun. Corey Frizzell wants to know what added assurances the town can get on the work.

“In the committee’s discussion, I asked if it was possible to find out how much extra money it would be to have an extended warranty on the work for the sidewalk,” said Frizzell.

“I didn’t really get a solid, definite answer on how much it would be or if it were possible for that kind of thing," he said.

All construction projects have a one year warranty period.

"From the date of substantial completion, a year  period is in place during which the Town holdbacks a portion of the contractor's money," said Kevin McCarville, Chief Administrative Officer in explaining the situtaion to The Guardian. "This will address any deficiencies which may become evident during the year."

 “I’m going to support the resolution but I think in the future, for projects, it would be nice if the town could explore that possibility. I’m not saying that we should get a warranty every single time but we should at least do our due diligence and inquire how much extra it would be, and go from there.”

This being an election year with Frizzell running for mayor, fellow councillor and contending mayoral candidate Marlene Hunt had a response.

“I think that is difficult to do because I have talked to people that construct sidewalks and everytime you turn around there is a car up on the sidewalk or a big truck.

“It’s hard to control or to figure out why there is a crack or what happened. Companies do the best they can do and it gets wear and tear from heavy use, for sure,” she said.