Visitor to P.E.I. trapped in marsh while trying to escape dogs

Cyclist in Point Prim area tries to circle around dogs on main road but gets stuck in muck pit

Nigel Armstrong
Published on June 10, 2014

Google map showing area where man got trapped in bog while trying to circle around dogs that had chased him on Point Prim Road.

©Google Maps screen capture

A visitor to P.E.I. travelling by bicycle tried to escape an encounter with dogs Friday, but got sucked into the Island landscape a bit more than he could handle.

Belfast fire department responded to a 911 call about 5 p.m. of a man trapped in a marsh off a cottage lane in Point Prim.

Click for zoomable map of area

Wade MacKenzie, chief of the Belfast fire department said the man, in his mid-50s, was renting a cottage in the area and went for a bicycle ride along Point Prim Road.

He was able to out run some dogs that took after him, but he didn't want to return past those dogs again on the return home.

The visitor took one cottage lane down toward the shore, thinking he would go along the shore and up another lane to make a circle past the dog-attack area up on the main road.

Trouble was, there is marshy land between the two cottage lanes he was trying to navigate.

The man, carrying his bicycle, tried to walk through the wetland area, but ended up stepping in the middle of a muddy, oozy, marsh puddle and got stuck.

"He was stuck up to near his knees," said MacKenzie. "He was carrying his bicycle and didn't want to set his bike down in the mud, but then he got stuck. It was suction that was sticking him.

"He had his cell phone with him and he called 911 because he couldn't move," said MacKenzie. "One of the firemen had to crawl out to get him."

The bike ended up getting totally muddy but the man declined treatment on scene from Island EMS and the incident ended with the rescue, said MacKenzie.