Corey Frizzell launches campaign to be mayor of Cornwall

Municipal elections across P.E.I. will be held Monday, Nov. 3 this year

Nigel Armstrong
Published on June 7, 2014

Corey Frizzell, right, speaks to supporters Thursday, some 40 gathered behind him, to launch his bid for mayor of Cornwall. Municipal elections will be held across P.E.I. on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

©THE GUARDIAN/Nigel Armstrong

With a sea of supporters in red T-shirts behind him, Corey Frizzell launched his campaign for mayor of Cornwall Thursday.

Held outside on the steps of Cornwall Town Hall, close to 40 people were given bright red Corey Frizzell for Mayor shirts before standing behind him for the announcement. That left a handful of people to face the stage to actually hear the message.

Municipal elections across P.E.I. will be held Monday, Nov. 3 this year.

With cheers, hugs and handshakes, Frizzell ran though the crowd to the podium, then asked for a moment of silence for the slain RCMP officers in Moncton.

There followed a long pause of five minutes and 33 seconds as it appeared his speaking notes were out of order.

"As in life, sometimes there are hiccups and you gota roll will the punches, right?" he said when things got underway in earnest.

The supporters ranged in age from his newborn daughter, his grandfather, and "looks like every young person in Cornwall," said organizer Melanie Bailey.

Frizzell said that following his election to council in 2009 he focused on three things, a safe community, sustainable growth and transparency.

"I want Cohen and Carmiela to grow up in a community where I don't have to worry about them when they are in the park, driving their bikes or playing with their friends," said Frizzell, speaking of his two children.

He highlighted his accomplishments on council to date, taking credit for establishing Citizens On Patrol, setting up daily morning inspections of playground equipment, guidelines for bouncy castles, a bylaw requiring graffiti to be removed within 24 hours, and a non-smoking policy for all Cornwall public buildings.

"I'm here today to commit to maintaining the safe community for our seniors to enjoy their retirement in, as well as families to raise their children in," he said.

Under the heading of financial sustainability he said he voted down the bus system that was too costly, voted against the town buying unsightly private land next to Town Hall, and voted against restoring a fish ladder at Hyde Pond.

By voting, for example, in support of council giving funding to the Cornwall Area Watershed Group, Frizzell says he is also committed to environmental sustainability.

Frizzell said he will lobby the province and pressure council to ban cosmetic pesticides.

"During my time as deputy mayor I built priceless connections with the federal and provincial governments and I will not hesitate to reach out to them for support if it means helping our community," said Frizzell.

"I have a very strong working relationship with my cousin, the honourable MLA for Cornwall-Meadowbank, the honounrable Ronald MacKinley, as well as MP for Malpeque Wayne Easter.

"Cornwall has so much to offer and with Ronnie, Wayne and myself representing Cornwall, I'm truly confident there are no limits for the potential growth of this town," said Frizzell.