Souris woman arrested for driving drunk through roundabout

Mounties warn blood-alcohol level may still be above legal limit in morning after drinking heavily in the evening

Jocelyne Lloyd
Published on June 3, 2014
drunk driving

MONTAGUE — A woman who drove through the Poole's Corner roundabout Monday morning may have neglected to "sleep it off" entirely.

A Kings District RCMP officer on patrol in the area noticed the vehicle going clockwise through the roundabout at about 9:40 a.m. and pulled it over.

The driver and lone occupant of the vehicle, a 66-year-old Souris woman, appeared drunk so the Mountie brought her into the Montague detachment for breath samples. 

Those readings were over the legal limit.

The incident prompted a news release from RCMP with the following warning:

"If you drink heavily in the evening, your blood-alcohol (level) may still be above the legal limit for a good part of the following day. Sleeping, eating, showering, or consuming beverages such as tea or coffee may make you feel better, but have little effect on the time it takes your body to eliminate alcohol from your blood."

The woman was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in Georgetown Court  on July 3 to answer impaired driving charges.