Woman in court after accepting collect calls on her dad's phone

Caller was serving time in federal pen but courts ordered the two have no contact

Published on June 24, 2014
Prince Edward Island provincial court
Guardian photo

Daddy's phone bill showing some $800 in collect phone calls accepted from a federal penitentiary was more than enough to convict a Cavendish-area woman.

Kathleen Diane Ryan, 42, was in provincial court before judge Nancy Orr Monday on charges of breaching a court order.

Ryan has her own criminal record and in the past the courts ordered that during her probation she have no contact at all with that man now serving federal time.

Ryan, however, had just gotten out of jail herself when she began accepting his collect telephone calls on her dad's phone.

With her conviction entered Monday, sentence has been adjourned to Aug. 18.

In other court news from Monday's provincial court, a man in Sleepy Hollow Correctional Centre will be taken to Florida when he finishes three days inside for assault.

Geovanni Flores, 22, is a resident of Florida but has been living with a women in Charlottetown.

That is, until they became embroiled in an argument and he grabbed her by the throat.

Judge Orr sentenced him to 30 days in jail for assault, but dropped that to just three more days in consideration of time he has already spent in jail awaiting trial.

Upon his release from custody, officers from the Canada Border Services Agency will take charge of Flores and return him to the United States, the court was told.