Here's hoping a trout for supper will get kids away from the TV

Brian McInnis
Published on June 21, 2014

Pondside Park in Stratford was stocked with more than 500 trout of all sizes by the P.E.I Bait Fishers Group and all that was left to do was reel them in for supper.

Well, that was the plan Saturday during Stratford's third annual fishing derby and by and large that was how things went during the day. There were a few snags due to a stiff breeze blowing fishing lines around and getting them tanged with other lines, inexperienced anglers who were not the best at casting a hook, line and sinker and then of course the conundrum of trying to reel in a fish hook that was embedded in a heavy tree branch or bunch of dead vegetation.

But then there were the success stories of good size fish caught that put to rest the decision of what to have for supper. Then there was one youngster who seemed more excited to show off a frog he found at the edge of the pond. After letting his friends and family have a look he gently placed it back in the water.

Between the trout caught and the frogs picked up and released the P.E.I Bait Fishers Group could call the day a success. The whole idea behind the derby was to get youngsters off their behinds and away from the computers and televisions and judging by the smiling faces as fish were reeled in and shouts of "look what I caugh!" it worked perfectly - for at least one day. Organizers hope that the seeds of getting out into fresh air and nature were sown with that trout for supper.