Royal visit to cost P.E.I. about $100,000

Dave Stewart
Published on May 7, 2014

Taylor Larsen of Andy Cudmore's Forestry Service, cleans up debris at the provincial park in Bonshaw. The work is in preparation for a visit from Prince Charles on May 20.

©The Guardian/Heather Taweel

The provincial government estimates the royal visit will cost P.E.I. taxpayers in the ballpark of $100,000.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will visit P.E.I. on the Victoria Day weekend as part of the province’s year-long 150th anniversary celebrations.

The premier’s office said the bill could be more or less, depending on security costs.

Some of the cost will be shared by both the province and the federal government, like security, for example, and the fireworks show.

An event at the Confederation Centre of the Arts will be paid for by the federal government while the provincial government will pay the bill associated with a visit to Bonshaw.

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Essentially, the more people who turn out to see the royal couple the more it’s going to cost because it means more security will be needed.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall arrive on the evening of Victoria Day, and leave the following day about 4 p.m.