Air Canada reschedules flights after problems with regional carrier

Ryan Ross
Published on May 6, 2014

20130507 Air Canada Charlottetown Airport

©Guardian photo by Brian McInnis

Canada’s biggest airline has had to do some shuffling of its flights out of Charlottetown after problems with Air Canada’s newest regional carrier led to delays and cancellations.

Doug Newson, the Charlottetown Airport Authority’s CEO, said Air Canada moved some of its regional flights to Air Georgian last week, but has temporarily replaced them with the company’s own airplanes.

“They’ve had some challenges, I guess, in the first week working out some operational issues with Air Georgian,” he said.

The switch back to Air Canada plans has been ongoing since the switch last week.

There were six Air Georgian flights cancelled on Tuesday and replaced with Air Canada planes.

Newson said that would continue for a few days until the operational issues are resolved.

Prior to the change on May 1, Air Canada used Jazz as its regional on some routes, but its flights out of Charlottetown will be limited to the Montreal route.

Air Georgian will fly to Toronto and Ottawa while Evas Air will fly to Halifax.

Newson said Air Georgian is still adjusting to the new routes and planes, which caused some issues.

“Hopefully they’ll work out those kinks and we’ll be back to normal very soon.”

Air Georgian had been flying in and out of Charlottetown with other aircraft, but needed certification with Transport Canada, which was delayed a few days, and crews needed to be trained on the airplane, Newson said.

“It’s a big change to start flying a new route with a new plane.”