Summerside man gets jail time for stealing government cheques, probation breach

Published on May 27, 2014

Prince County Court House, Summerside

SUMMERSIDE — A 28-year-old Summerside man was sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty in provincial court recently to stealing government cheques from a neighbour’s mailbox and for breach of probation.

Last December, Ryan Wendall Cornish stole a Canadian Child Tax Benefit cheque in the amount of $304, a Child Care Benefit cheque for $100 and a GST cheque in the amount of $204.75. Cornish subsequently cashed the cheques by forging the recipient’s signature and paying a friend to cash them for him.

In November, Cornish failed to report to his probation officer as part of his sentence on an earlier charge.

In handing down the sentence, Judge Jeff Lantz noted that Cornish had a previous record, with the latest charge involving a similar theft.

Lantz sentenced Cornish to 45 days on the theft charge and to 15 days on the breach of probation charge. The sentences will run consecutively.

The federal government has recouped some of the money and Cornish was ordered to make restitution to the government in the amount of $204.75. He was also ordered to make restitution to the person who cashed the forged cheques in the amount of $335.25.

Cornish was placed on 18 months probation and ordered to pay a victim fine surcharge of $200.